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Interested in learning more and engaging in a conversation about topics related to Culture and the Commons? Join ECF Labs.

ECF Labs ⒸEuropean Cultural Foundation

ECF provides this platform to connect people, ideas and communities across Europe. We host Labs where you can share your work, knowledge, ideas and opinions within a thematic context.

ECF Labs is a meeting point for cultural change makers, a place where you can connect your ideas with the ideas of others, share your views and learn from fellow Europeans. Developed by European Cultural Foundation (ECF) to foster an open conversation about European culture and society.
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ECF hosts nearly 50 thematic Labs, initiated and moderated by our communities. See here for some examples of what is being discussed on the ECF Labs or check out the Connected Action for the Commons picks further down.



Public Space can mean many things to different people living in different cities, countries or even neighbourhoods. What does it mean to you? Share your photos, films, words, drawings and sounds that respond to your own vision of public space.

This is an open forum that deals with the plight of the immigrant. Our main concern is immigration in the EU and Europe, but we also welcome stories and articles from around the world. We are looking to create a fruitful conversation regarding one of the most delicate issues affecting the modern world.

Build the City
This is the Lab for general discussion of the theme ‘Build the City’ and the wider discourse around culture, communities, democracy and the Commons.

Build the City online resources
This Lab links to online videos and texts – resources that deal with issues related to the Commons, the City and Culture. A unique collection of material by speakers and collaborators of the ECF Idea Camp 2015.

Build the City manifesto
What changes when citizens can co-decide on urban issues?
In this Lab you can give your input and feedback to help us co-create recommendations on good urban governance for the EU Urban Agenda, and support the Build the City Manifesto.

Care and parenting in urban context
In this lab we would like to focus on the invisible work of care and social reproduction, all those tasks that are necessary to sustain life.

Creative Citizenship
This lab focuses on civically-engaged artistic initiatives and explores the concepts of creative citizenship and creative problem-solving.

Crowdfunding Culture
Nowadays crowdfunding is turning into an increasingly important element of participatory culture, a proven direct/networked way to make your say in regard an untapped artistic talent or a new creative idea.

Hacking the veil
How are migrants portrayed in mainstream media in Europe? The imageries daily produced in media are naturalized through recurrent representations. The veil is the construction of these images of fear, conflict, hostility, and otherness.

Media Archives for the Commons
Digital archives are being generated, shared and used everyday by media organizations, cultural institutions, social activists and common citizens.
This lab is a space to share experiences, reflections, best practices and tools that help us to transform this digital heritage into a Commons.

This lab collects, catalogues and discusses new political parties and campaigns which seek to defend, reclaim and open up public space.

Public Space Makers
What if you could reinvent practices, devices and environments that enable people to feel like they can connect, create and collaborate in urban spaces?

P2P Square!
Peer-to-peer social practices movements are emerging: Assemblies, self managed cultural centres, DIY citizen platforms, medialabs, hacklabs, maker spaces, urban gardens… We are (re-)discovering a sharing paradigm.

Craftivism is a form of activism addressing anti-capitalism, environmentalism, feminism or any other social issue or cause.

Food in the City
Food in the City Lab is dedicated to the study and actions about urban food systems. The lab encourages co-creation for Integrated Sustainable Food Systems solutions.

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