New left in Poland? [Interview]

Lorenzo Marsili speaks to Marcelina Zawisza and Maciej Konieczny from Razem about the new Polish left and the meaning of launching a new party from the bottom-up today.


Poland welcomes internet filtering

Any limits set for free expression online must be traced in pencil, not in ink, and not, and this is particularly important – within a hastily drafted piece of legislation.


Is the Polish Left militaristic?

We see huge problems with NATO, but we cannot simply propose to leave it or get rid of it as long as we don’t find a different systemic solution which would guarantee the safety of the region.

Białowieża_ Forest_Poland

Is the Primeval Forest Only Wood?

Plans to increase wood mining and to shoot the endangered bison population in the Polish Białowieża Forest is a textbook example of the failure of the state to protect nature.