Let’s Move the Border!

By the end of September, our friends from the Krytyka Polityczna Cieszyn Cultural Center “At the Border” will have to leave their premises. They need help to move “the Border” to a new venue.

Here is a message from the “At the Border” team:

Please help us by donating money to the costs of renovation of the new venue!


By the end of September, we have to leave our “At the border“ Cultural Center in Cieszyn (South of Poland).

Fortunately, we have found a new, inspiring venue, where we’ll be able to:

  • Organize everyday educational workshops for kids
  • Give classes in literature and journalism for teenagers
  • Organize individual tutoring for youngsters
  • Talk with each other, hold discussions, lectures and seminars open for adults and kids alike
  • Bring into life new ideas and projects, working together with students and inhabitants of Cieszyn
  • Show tourists and inhabitants how craftsmen used to work and how they work now
  • Create original ceramics, stained glass works, sculptures and photography
  • Explore the city
  • Organize social campaigns and publish books
  • Produce new services that are locally needed

But first we need to renovate the new venue, which will cost about 15 000 euro.

To be able to do all that we’ll need your support.


>> Please donate money to the costs of renovation to:

Stowarzyszenie im. Stanisława Brzozowskiego
DNB Bank Polska S.A., ul. Postępu 15 C, 02-676 Warszawa
PL42 1370 1037 0000 3706 4446 9300 (USD)
PL81 1370 0001 0000 2706 4446 9300 (EUR)

Transfer headline:

„Darowizna na cele statutowe – Cieszyn”

>> Or donate online through dotpay:


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Who is moving:

Krytyka Polityczna Cultural Center “At the Border”
Ceramics and stained glass workshop “Studio Gajda”
Bogdan Kosak’s “Modelarnia” workshop
Photographic and graphic design studio “Mamega”
Kamil Budziarz’s ceramics workshop


Krytyka Polityczna
Krytyka Polityczna (Political Critique) is the largest Eastern European liberal network of institutions and activists. It consists of the online daily Dziennik Opinii, a quarterly magazine, publishing house, cultural centres in Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk and Cieszyn, activist clubs in a dozen cities in Poland (and also in Kiev and Berlin), as well as a research centre: the Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw.