March 19, WARSAW: Democracy Disrupted. A lecture by Ivan Krastev


[dropcap]D[/dropcap]n his newest book Ivan Krastev discusses the relationship between protest and democracy. Is protest a better instrument than elections for keeping elites accountable? Does the last wave of protests signal a radical change in the way politics will be practiced? Or are the protests all around the world simply a spectacular but ultimately insignificant eruption of public anger? Is it the technology, the economics, the mass psychology or just the zeitgeist that’s caused this global explosion of revolt? Will it be the empowering energy of the protests or the conservative backlash against them that will shape the future of democratic politics?

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Ivan Krastev

Is a political scientist, chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna (IWM) and a founding board member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. He is author of Democracy Disrupted. The Politics of Global Protest (2014), Demokracja: przepraszamy za usterki (2015) and In Mistrust We Trust: Can Democracy Survive When We Don’t Trust Our Leaders? (2013)

When and where

[mark]Thursday, March, 19, 2015, 10.30 – 12.00 [/mark]
Collegium Civitas
PKiN, Pl. Defilad 1
room 1222

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Krytyka Polityczna
Krytyka Polityczna (Political Critique) is the largest Eastern European liberal network of institutions and activists. It consists of the online daily Dziennik Opinii, a quarterly magazine, publishing house, cultural centres in Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk and Cieszyn, activist clubs in a dozen cities in Poland (and also in Kiev and Berlin), as well as a research centre: the Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw.