JACEK KUROŃ FESTIWAL: View the full programme here

The festival will take place at a number of locations across Warsaw and you can find more information on these locations in the programme (scroll down for English). Two Time to Talk debates featured in this year’s festival will take place in Krytyka Polityczna’s premises in Warsaw’s Foksal St. and will also be live streamed on Time to Talk for those unable to be in Warsaw.

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“I have to be involved in something worthwhile…something which transcends me and my life. Without such activities I would bore myself to death” Jacek Kuroń


About the 3rd edition of the Jacek Kuroń Festival:

In the third edition of the Jacek Kuroń Festival, Krytyka Polityczna will be looking at the crisis of contemporary democracy: they’ll investigate the sources of authoritarian and xenophobic tendencies and the lack of solidarity in Poland and Europe, they’ll survey the boundaries of possible civil action within the contemporary state and they’ll look for traditions which can help us to further its recognition. Finally, they’ll be asking politicians about the chances of repairing the Third Polish Republic.

Jacek Kuroń will support Krytyka in his role as a youth educator in an audio documentary dedicated to the Walterowcy (a scouting establishment formed by Jacek Kuroń in 1955), as a co-founder of both KOR (The Workers’ Defence Committee) and the democratic underground in a fact-finding urban game and as a wordsmith of social dialogue and a civil participant in an artistic reconstruction of the Round Table.

Together with friends and students of Jacek Kuroń, Krytyka will reflect upon whether the experiences of the democratic opposition are more useful today than their pioneering enthusiasm for new social movements. And, whether perhaps their fight to incorporate citizens and workers in the rebuilding of Poland shouldn’t serve as a template for a solidary corrective for our own state and society.

Programme (in English) – Jacek Kuroń Festival 2016

All times in CET and events in Polish unless otherwise annotated in the event text. Locations listed in the date.

SATURDAY 28th MAY – Plac Defilad

20:30 Tomorrow there will be sunshine

With: djLenar / Zabrocki / Zrałek
The premiere of an audio documentary about  Jacek Kuroń, the Walterowcy  (a scouting establishment formed by Jacek Kuroń in 1955) and…songs.
Presented in the form of a silent disco.

21:30 The Round Table: a reenactment

With: Komuna// Warszawa / The Round Table Reenactment Group
Komuna// Warszawa and a specially assigned reenactment group recall the story of the establishment of the Polish Roubd Table in 1989.

WEDNESDAY 1st JUNE – Plac Defilad / Okrągły Stół

16:00 These are really important matters!    

Join Krytyka to decorate the round table in a creative open workshop. Krytyka invite children, parents and all who are eager to a collective painting session.
They will provide paints, paintbrushes and amazing patterns in a session led by Kamil Niedziałek.

THURSDAY 2nd JUNE – Ulica Foksal 16

18:30 We were stupid, what now?

With: Grzegorz Sroczyński (Journalist, Gazeta Wyborcza), Ania Blumsztajn (Wielokulturowe Liceum im. Jacka Kuronia (The Jacek Kuroń Multicultural School)).
A discussion (open to the public) looking at the formation and future development of the Polish Third Republic.
Registration and related texts to be provided on the festival’s official website: www.festiwalkuronia.pl.

FRIDAY 3rd JUNE – Pracownia Duży Pokój / Ulica Warecka 4

18:00 Nowy nacjonalizm w sercu Europy (New Nationalism in the Heart of Europe).

A meeting with the artist Tomáš Rafa at an exhibition of his photography and films.
The meeting will be conducted by Igor Stokfiszewski and the exhibition will subsequently be open daily from the 16th June, Monday to Friday, 17-20:00.

SATURDAY 4th JUNE – Plac Defilad / Okrągły Stół

12:00 Attention team! An urban game in the footsteps of Jacek Kuroń
An urban family game intended primarily for children between the ages of 10 and 14.
Participants should assemble in front of the round table. The game will take an estimated three hours and registration is requested.

Click here to proceed to registration (in Polish).

18:45 Where are all the women?

A concert with: Sean Palmer / the experimental choir Gre Badanie and guests

MONDAY 6th JUNE – Ul. Foksal 16

18:00 Debate: The revolution will not be televised

A discussion on media in an age of crisis and change will take place featuring: Alex Sakalis (openDemocracy), Annabelle Chapman (Politico Europe & The Economist), and Roman Kurkiewicz (TVN24). This debate will be moderated by Agnieszka Wiśniewska (Krytyka Polityczna).

MONDAY 6th JUNE – Pracownia Duży Pokój / Ul. Warecka 4

18:30 Group discussion: Social forces and the strategy for action. Jacek Kuroń for the 21st Century: Adrian Zandberg (Razem Party)

TUESDAY 7th JUNE – Ul. Foksal 16

19:00 Debate: Repairing the Third Polish Republic

The leaders of the new generation of Polish politics Adrian Zandberg (Razem Party) and Joanna Scheuring-Wilegus (Nowoczesna Party) will discuss the book Dość gry pozorów” (Enough of games of appearances), with the authors Piotr Kuczyński and Adam Cymer. This debate will be moderated by Michał Sutowski (Krytyka Polityczna).

WEDNESDAY 8th JUNE – Ul. Foksal 16

18:00 Debate: Faith and Fault 2016

Guests: prof. Marci Shore (Yale University), Adam Michnik („Gazeta Wyborcza”). This debate will be moderated by Sławomir Sierakowski (Krytyka Polityczna).

THURSDAY 9th JUNE – Pracownia Duży Pokój / Ul. Warecka 4

17:00 Debate: Will Poland become national-radical?

Michał Łuczewski (Instytut Socjologii UW), Adam Ostolski (Instytut Socjologii UW), and Aleksandra Przegalińska (Katedra Zarządzania Międzynarodowego, Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego) will discuss the book „O Ideologii Katolickiego Państwa Narodu Polskiego(On the Ideology of The Catholic State of the Polish Nation) read in the 21st century. This debate will be moderated by Maciej Gdula (Krytyka Polityczna).

TUESDAY 14th JUNE – Ul. Foksal 16

18:00 Debate: What is power for? State, politics and public issues in the 21st Century

Guests: prof. Claus Offe (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin), prof. Jadwiga Staniszkis (sociologist). This debate will be moderated by Sławomir Sierakowski (Krytyka Polityczna).

WEDNESDAY 15th JUNE – Ul. Foksal 16

18:00 Debate: There is no Europe without solidarity.

What kind of Europe do international social movements and groups of the political Left involved in the European Cooperation Network want to fight for?
A discussion featuring members of the Spanish Party Podemos, Italian collective ESC, German network Blockupy Frankfurt, the organization European Alternatives, and  the social movement DiEM 25 (Democracy in Europe 25). This debate will be moderated by Igor Stokfiszewski (Krytyka Polityczna).

WEDNESDAY 15th JUNE – Instytut Awangardy, Al. Solidarności 64

18:30 Group discussion: Art – Power – Opposition
Guest: Dr Iwona Luba (Instytut Historii Sztuki UW)


WEDNESDAY 8th JUNE – Plac Defilad

18:00 Picnic ERRATA
After 20 years of its activities, the publishing house ERRATA will say goodbye to its readers and give out its outstanding books.

SATURDAY 25th JUNE – Ursus / Plac Czerwca 1976
Tractor – The Idea of Ursus –artistic installation made by fans of the Ursus brand of tractors and the ex-workers of Zakład Mechaniczny Ursus as a gift to the planned Museum of Ursus.

You can access the full version of the festival’s programme in Polish here.
Featured debates:

06.06 / 15.06

Monday, 6th June, 18:00 CET

The revolution will not be televised

Governments control the media today and oposition parties looking to become the government aim to control the media tomorrow. Market forces also play their role, with private corporations using the media to provide a platform for their own interests. Are any of them interested in showing the revolution?

A discussion on media in an age of crisis and change will take place featuring:

Alex Sakalis (openDemocracy)

Annabelle Chapman (Politico Europe & The Economist)

and Roman Kurkiewicz (TVN24)

This debate will be moderated by Agnieszka Wiśniewska (Krytyka Polityczna)

Wednesday, 15th June, 18:00 CET

There’s no Europe without solidarity

A discussion about cooperating internationally to create a new solidary community, which invities representatives of European social movements and left-wing political milieus to discuss their modi operandi in respect to international cooperation.

This debate will be moderated by Igor Stokfiszewski (Krytyka Polityczna) and will feature (yet t.b.c.) representatives of Podemos, European Alternatives and DiEM25.

Live streams:

These debates will be live streamed, with streams appearing on the Time to Talk homepage on the evenings of the debates. Alerts and further information about the live streams will be made available via our Facebook and Twitteraccounts.

Event series:

The two featured debates within this festival take place with the support of theEuropean Union’s Europe for Citizens Programme and as part of an international series of debates on the same theme in cities around Europe, including Barcelona, Bratislava, Brussels, London, Sofia and Warsaw.





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