Women to the Castle!

An assembly and march to celebrate International Women's Day in Prague.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, on March 8, 2018, at 3 pm, the Women to the Castle! march and assembly will take place, starting at Klárov and terminating at Hradčanské náměstí. The event organized by March the 8th Coalition is not just a reminder of what the women’s movement has gained in history, but also an attempt to point out current issues that not only women face in today’s society. The organisers of the March the 8th Coalition are working within the tradition of Women’s Marches held throughout the world to draw attention to the threat to women’s rights, increasing socio-economic inequalities, racism and environmental destruction.

International Women’s Day shares the date with the inauguration of President-elect Milos Zeman

By an unhappy conjunction of the stars this year’s International Women’s Day shares the date with the inauguration of President-elect Milos Zeman. The Women to the Castle! march and assembly wants to draw attention to the inauthentic style of Zeman in his self-appointed role of the “popular” president or in his terms “the president of the lower 10 million”. We should also remind all those willing to listen that the arrogance of the president ranged against socially excluded people such as pensioners and those on low incomes unable to pay rent of hospital bills. “We must not forget that, for the most part, they are women, who, especially in retirement age, live below the poverty line,” says Soňa Tichá from Socialist Solidarity.

The principal focus of the event this year is the vital issue of climate change. It is clear that we are facing irreversible damage to our environment which in turn forces people from their homes and ultimately a threat to human existence itself. At the same time our march and assembly will shine a critical light on the way Czech politicians approach such serious issues. Magdalena Šipka of the RFK Collective says: “The feminist movement has always emphasised the value of care for all living things while the current system, based as it is on the accumulation of profits for the rich, is constantly trampling on our natural world.. It is absolutely unacceptable that Milos Zeman is joking about the rape of ecological activists, while every other day around the world nature conservationists are being murdered.”

Koalice 8. brezna/March the 8th Coalition team