• A discussion organised at UCL on a result of the Polish parliamentary elections won by the Law and Justice Party (PiS) with (for the first time since 1989) an absolute majority.
• Full background: Poland brought to heel by the national right by Igor Stokfiszewski.


This roundtable discussion brought together leading academics, journalists and activists to offer an interpretation of recent events.

Speakers include:

• Dr James Dawson – Democracy Analyst and Tutor at King’s College London
• Prof Jan Kubik – Director of UCL-SSEES
• Prof Artur Wołek – Professor of Public Policy and Administration at the Jesuit University in Krakow
• Jakub Krupa – UK Correspondent of the Polish Press Agency
• Dr Marta Tycner, Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford and Razem activist
• Prof Anita Prazmowska, Professor of International History at LSE

Chair: Dr Michał Murawski – Mellon Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at UCL-SSEES



Veronika Pehe
is a historian and contributing editor at A2larm.cz.