Talk Real in Rijeka: Building Coalitions of Power

We travelled to Croatia to talk to activists and scholars about how social movements and other grassroots movements can expand their political influence.

All of the latest major events in European politics have had a twofold implication. Wherever the challenges have grown, the potential for a progressive European civil society have also become visible. From austerity politics to free trade negotiations, from the refugee movement to Brexit, from nationalist governments to the rise of far right movements: in all these cases European citizens have organised themselves and stood up for a Europe of openness, tolerance and solidarity.

With this in mind Talk Real travelled to Rijeka to discuss how existing actors and networks can improve their cooperation in order to build capacity and gain political influence. What examples of successful European protests and movements are already active in Croatia and the Balkans?


European Alternatives
European Alternatives is a non-profit, non-state organisation working with the conviction that a transnational renovation of our political imaginations, institutions and actions needs to take place to adequately understand and address the crises Europe is facing.