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Project FACTORY. URSUS 2014


Project FACTORY. URSUS 2014, organized by the Institute for Advanced Study on the premises of former Ursus Factory producing agricultural machinery, took place on June 13-15, 2014. The series of artistic and social events is aimed at establishing dialogue with the history and the identity of the district, integrating its residents, and providing other Varsovians with thorough knowledge on the past and the present of former Ursus Factory.

Programme of the project included: Tractor Parade from the city centre to former Ursus Factory, tractor drivers visiting the Ursus Museum, Accoustic Walk (walk across the area of former Ursus Factory while listening to recorded stories told by the factory workers), Paweł Althamer’s Draftmen’s Congress (three-day-long collective painting in public space), Spoken Memoirs (installation enabling recording memories of Ursus Factory workers), Outdoor Cinema (premiere of the art-movie “Ursus. Movie Essay” by Jaśmina Wójcik and historical short films presenting the history of former Ursus Factory), MegaPhoto (collective commemorative photo of participants of the project, workers of former Ursus Factory and residents of Ursus district), and Neighbourly Dinner (feast prepared by residents of Ursus district, accompanied by live music by Warsaw band Poeci Jezior).


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Photo by Maciej Komorowski


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