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A Climate Adaptive public space, a meet-up at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, 15-06-2016

One of the most urgent challenges for our cities and the way we design them is climate change. How can we use the public space to make our cities more resilient? Can we create a more flexible infrastructure? What does this mean for the way we design our cities and the public space? And what is the effect of sustainable (environmentally friendly) architecture on the public space?

How does the climate affect the public space and the way we use it? Sandra Lenzholzer will introduce the theme of climate and the public space in a short talk. She is the author of the book Weather in the City and a landscape architect and urban planner.


To illustrate the way different cities deal with climate in the public space three projects will be presented. In Rotterdam the Watersquare stores excess water after rainfall. The Zomerhofkwartier is another area in the city that is vulnerable to the effects of heavy rainfall. Here professionals and inhabitants work together on strategies to handle this. Dirk van Peijpe, founder of the Urbanisten, will explain about these projects.

Amsterdam Rainproof

Heavy rainfall has been more prevalent in the Netherlands the last few years. Amsterdam Rainproof wants to make the city more resilient to this type of weather. Daniel Goedbloed will talk about how to build a network of organizations that can work together to create solutions that make the city better prepared for extreme weather.

The Liverpool Air Project

Gerry Proctor will present The Liverpool Air Project. Here artists and scientists work together to think about the air quality in cities. How can they engage the public in new ways?

The Motown Movement

Three students from Delft moved to Detroit to inspire home owners to sustainably renovate their homes and fight climate change. With one exemplary project they aim to show the inhabitants the possibilities of new technologies in the reconstruction of their homes. Ronen Dan will tell us about his experiences in Detroit.

Paul Currion will highlight the importance of making our cities resilient to climate change. This will be illustrated with his experiences in Serbia after massive flooding.

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In this series organized by Pakhuis de Zwijger in collaboration with Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam and ECF, we take a closer look at the public space. The simple way to describe the public space is an open space that is accessible to people. However, the way public spaces are designed and function within a city is less straightforward. During three meet-ups we will discuss current themes and questions surrounding public spaces. What role does public space have in connecting communities? How can we make a climate adaptive public space? How can the public keep control over spaces that are becoming more privatized?