Marine Le Pen, or the Normalization of the Far-Right

We are facing a dilemma between the status quo and a nightmare.
Czech Republic

Andrej Babiš: Change as Status Quo

What can we expect from Andrej Babiš, should he become PM? Unlike Orbán and Kaczyński, he still seems to be liberal. But that can change very easily.

Shutting the Door Behind Them

Why do more established immigrants hate new immigrants?

This is Why Orbán Will Capitulate on the Question of the CEU

It cannot be emphasized enough that Orbán’s politics are powercentric.

IdeaCamp2017: Coming back home and seeing society being changed there

What does it mean to make common a city? How can we shape our society ourselves to make it better? Which could be the best process for a democracy to become more democratic? Andrea Echeverria chronicles one day of #IdeaCamp17 "Moving Communities".

The largest Central and Eastern European liberal network of institutions and activists. It consists of the online daily, a quarterly magazine, publishing house, cultural centers and activist clubs in a dozen cities in Poland (and also in Kiev and Berlin), as well as a research centre.

A2 is a Czech progressive bi-weekly cultural magazine. It offers 32 pages about literature, film, art, theatre, music, and politics. Its online platform, A2larm, provides daily political and cultural commentaries, news, essays, and interviews. It is involved in various forms of social activism.

Kettős Mérce is a left-wing activist website devoted to Hungarian and international politics, with a special focus on issues related to equality, solidarity, social rights and disenfranchised people. It is involved in activist-based mobilization and in the support of progressive social movements.

Human Rights Institute is a non-governmental organization aimed at raising awareness and campaigning for equal access to human rights for all, with a particular focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups within society.

Pole is an independent blog that brings together various left-wing platforms and commentators in Slovakia. Pole aims at broadening public discourse and contributing to the debate on key social issues that are not covered by the mainstream media.

A network consisting of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), Culture 2 Commons  – Alliance Operation City, Clubture Network, Right to the City – (Croatia), Les Tetes de l’Art (France), Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), Oberliht (Moldova), Platoniq – Goteo (Spain), and Subtopia (Sweden).