Theresa May in Florence, or an old-style socks-and-sandals Brit abroad

Earlier this summer Theresa May came to Italy on holiday where she made headlines for drunkenly singing ‘God Save Our Gracious Queen’ in a hotel bar. To me, this was a more honest Theresa than the one we saw yesterday.



Free Internet and a Child’s Tear

Why Russia decided to fight VPN and TORNick Starkov



How to lose friends and alienate people. Five lessons from Uber

The popular ridesharing app has been at the centre of numerous controversies in the past months. ‘Delete Uber account’ has become a more and more popular search term as the truth about the company is slowly uncovered. But what caused such a strong international backlash towards the world’s most valuable start-up?


Mikheil Sakashvili’s guide on how to pass the border without a passport

Mikheil Saakashvili and his supporters marched through the Polish-Ukrainian border.



The Puzzle of Poland

A quiet but fierce war rages in Poland today for the hearts and minds of the citizenry. The Law and Justice Party appears to have a long-term plan to solidify power by weakening all the levers of democracy and civil society.Jo-Ann Mort

CEE Weekly Digest

Weekly Press Digest – September 18

Political Critique's weekly selection from the Eastern European press.Political Critique

Military training and less computer science. Students return to schools in Poland

“We want education, not lies”. Around four hundred people gathered in front of the Ministry of National Education in Warsaw. But even that couldn't stop the government from passing the education bill.

Katrin Nenasheva: As a child, I wanted to become either a clown or a journalist

Ever since the detention of Pussy Riot five years ago, arrests of artists for non-sanctioned spontaneous performances have become the norm. Katrin Nenasheva was detained five times over the last two years — in particular for her anti-war protests.Katrin Nenasheva, Ksenia Leonova

Ende Gelände: The battle for coal on the potato field

Rhineland, Germany. More than three thousand activists fighting for climate justice tried to close the coal mines and stop power plants. Riot police intervened., Janek Rovenský

Occupy Lesvos: Refugee resistance at the heart of the border regime

Recent acts of dissent within Moria have met with harsh police violence, and few positive outcomes. So the Afghan protesters … Matt Broomfield
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