PC Explains: CETA in the Czech Republic

What dangers does CETA present for the Czech Republic?

The end of the liberal opposition – and not just in Poland

The liberal opposition is playing right into Kaczyński’s hand: its scandals have all but discredited the protest movements.

Poland, you won’t be left alone

This phase of Poland’s parliamentary crisis is over, but Poland remains stuck in a much deeper one – the crisis of far-right authoritarian rule, of representative parliamentary politics and of democracy itself.

Bauman will stay near

He was a consistent critic of postmodernity and identified the basic mechanism of reproduction in contemporary societies: consumption and seduction.

Mobilizing for the Commons

From 4 to 6 November 2016,  'Mobilizing for the Commons' - the 27th European Meeting of Cultural Journals took place in Gdańsk. Connected Action for the Commons was there and brought some friends.


The largest Central and Eastern European liberal network of institutions and activists. It consists of the online daily, a quarterly magazine, publishing house, cultural centers and activist clubs in a dozen cities in Poland (and also in Kiev and Berlin), as well as a research centre.

A2 is a Czech progressive bi-weekly cultural magazine. It offers 32 pages about literature, film, art, theatre, music, and politics. Its online platform, A2larm, provides daily political and cultural commentaries, news, essays, and interviews. It is involved in various forms of social activism.

Kettős Mérce is a left-wing activist website devoted to Hungarian and international politics, with a special focus on issues related to equality, solidarity, social rights and disenfranchised people. It is involved in activist-based mobilization and in the support of progressive social movements.

Human Rights Institute is a non-governmental organization aimed at raising awareness and campaigning for equal access to human rights for all, with a particular focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups within society.