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PC Explains: What does Trump’s victory mean for East-Central Europe?

Reactions of political leaders across the region to the American elections.
Czech Republic

“Thou shalt not insult the president or accept refugees,” states the Czech political left

According to Czech left-wing parties, a strong state does not mean the redistribution of wealth towards the poor – it means respecting the authorities and having a rather flexible approach to human rights.
Czech Republic

‘Operation Fenix‘: a Czech witch-hunt?

An official Czech grotesque: or “Terrorism” directed by the police
Central and Eastern Europe

Moldova’s new president: his bark is worse than his bite

Are the results of Moldova's presidential elections really a victory for Vladimir Putin? Read Maxim Edwards' comment.

Who owns the city? We own the city!

The city is a complex and incomplete event, a space and a condition at the same time, and that is why a city today is completely different from what it was centuries ago. This process of becoming should be perceived with caution, because sometimes cities might end up in a tragic event – cities might lose their ‘citiness’. Democracy is at stake here. In order to understand these processes, it is necessary to focus on a couple of particular questions. What is a city and who owns it?


The largest Central and Eastern European liberal network of institutions and activists. It consists of the online daily, a quarterly magazine, publishing house, cultural centers and activist clubs in a dozen cities in Poland (and also in Kiev and Berlin), as well as a research centre.

A2 is a Czech progressive bi-weekly cultural magazine. It offers 32 pages about literature, film, art, theatre, music, and politics. Its online platform, A2larm, provides daily political and cultural commentaries, news, essays, and interviews. It is involved in various forms of social activism.

Kettős Mérce is a left-wing activist website devoted to Hungarian and international politics, with a special focus on issues related to equality, solidarity, social rights and disenfranchised people. It is involved in activist-based mobilization and in the support of progressive social movements.

Human Rights Institute is a non-governmental organization aimed at raising awareness and campaigning for equal access to human rights for all, with a particular focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups within society.