Eastern Europe according to British media: More likely to go to Italy for cappuccinos than join the ethnic fighting in Kosovo

One would think that over the years, the stereotypical Western view of Eastern Europe would've changed. Turns out, it hasn't.



Pussy Politics II: The oldest profession in the world

According to the common saying, prostitution is the oldest profession in the world – but it isn’t. Midwifery is.


European Union

Life and politics in Sicily’s last Arab Casbah

The renovation of a medieval town centre is an invitation for Europe to reflect on its origins, and its future.

labour struggles

Precarious couriers are leading the struggle against platform capitalism

Deliveroo, Foodora, Giovo. The success of these companies depends on the exploitation of an invisible precariat. Now, against all expectations these workers are mobilizing across borders to claim their rights.



So Why is This Forest So Important? Resisting the Logging of Białowieża

PiS is derailing the debate from environmental issues to their favourite narrative: them being true patriotic Poles against the EU.

Judiciary Crisis in Poland

Ruling party consolidates grip on judiciary in Poland

On Wednesday, PiS submitted a bill draft to the Parliament whereby all the members of the Supreme Court will have to step down – except for the ones personally permitted to stay by the Minister of Justice.

The Hungarian government wants tighter control of the judiciary, too

A Fidesz proposal to amend the procedure of nominating judges would privilege legal bureaucrats and deter trained judges.

Beneath Contemporary Arts

Noah Fischer's perspective on the monetization of arts and the change in its perception.Noah Fischer

3 Free eBooks to Read Before Summer Ends: Artivism, Labour, Education!

What are the common problems faced by Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, what is their wider context and are there solutions for the future? Political Critique

Where the West Sets: Photographic Reflections on the European Frontlines

Where the West Sets is a documentary project that attempts to chronicle this crisis as it plays out on the northern Aegean Islands and in mainland Greece – the same territories where Western Culture and its system of values were born.
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