To remember is to fight: the legacy of Russian activist lawyer Stanislav Markelov

In today’s light the work of Stanislav Markelov appears as a vital missing link between human rights defence and critiques of Russian capitalism. His bravery, courage and sheer drive were impressive.


Boguslaw Linda Sara
Central and Eastern Europe, Poland

The Boy from the Marriott Hotel, or, the Cinema of the Polish Transformation

Polish films of the 1990s can hardly be called quality cinema. But they tell us a lot about the dreams, expectations and aspirations of the transition to liberal democracy.


European Union

The battle for social justice will be won across borders, not within them

The phenomenon of the Gilets jaunes taking place in cities across France seems to have taken many in the commentariat … Samuel Hufton


Why the Polish Left is losing

For young Poles, being a pro-market conservative – and annoying at parties – is cool and trendy. Being leftist is passé.



Where are the Hungarian workers?

When describing foreign workers’ conditions, the perspective of those left home is often ignored.

Lisbon voices for the right to the city

Neoliberalism is shaping cities as places for tourism, gentrifying and dismantling the cooperative environment of the neighborhoods. Activists in Lisbon …

Network 4 Debate

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