CA Events

Culture, the City and the Commons, Seville, 29/06 – 1/07/2016

On 29 and 30 June and 1 July, our partner ZEMOS98 is organising an international encounter in Seville under the title "Culture, the City and the Commons".
Place à l'art, 2014 edition. Photo by Canan Marasligil

We’re happy to join this group of people working in the fields of culture and political art, right to the city, participatory processes and commons. You can have a look at the complete programme below, there are also public presentations in the evenings at Casa Sáhara. Do join if you’re in town.

I am a freelance writer, literary translator, editor and curator based in Amsterdam. I work internationally on a variety of literary and cultural projects. My primary interest is in challenging official narratives and advocating freedom of expression through different creative processes, using various media, online and offline. I have worked with cultural organisations and have participated in residencies: as translator-in- residence at the Free Word Centre in London (2013); as a cultural journalist at WAAW in Senegal (2015); and most recently at Copenhagen University to work on my project City in Translation, looking at stories behind the multilingual expressions throughout cities. I work closely with ECF on curating their online presence, including website, eZine and social media, as well as with MitOSt in Berlin on the Tandem Cultural Exchange programme and as literature curator with Europalia International Arts Festival in Brussels. More on: