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International Summer School: Architecture – Installations – Landscaping

The Summer School aims to engage young people and students from universities of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine who study in the fields of architecture, urbanism, design, art, sociology and anthropology.The Summer School takes place from July 22 to July 31, in Chisinau, Moldova.

The Summer School is being organized in the frame of the project Chisinau Civic Center: Zaikin Park – people’s park – a project of rehabilitation and revitalization of Zaikin Park, a half-abandoned square situated at the intersection of Sf. Andrei and Iv. Zaikin streets which was started by Oberliht Association in 2012. The Zaikin Park is situated in the historical center of Chișinău but was abandoned for many years. Beginning with 2012 Oberliht has initiated an ambitious program of rehabilitation with three complementary goals: revitalization of the park itself (building infrastructure and furniture, revival of the green areas), community organizing (re-building the community around the park, helping inhabitants organizing themselves into civic initiatives) and institutional innovation (promoting, at the local and central level, new forms of partnerships between civic initiatives, local authorities and other stakeholders).

The Summer School is guided by two principles: tactical urbanism and participatory architecture that involves the local community (inhabitants & citizens).

The outcomes of the Summer School will consist of a series of urban furniture pieces to be installed in Zaikin Park (example: community center, playground, sport ground, community fountain) conceived according to notions of conviviality and (natural) environment that will be highlighted in this manner.

The Summer School includes practical workshops, education and cultural activities, reading groups, presentations, film screenings, dance evenings, community activities etc. offering an experience of working in an international environment.

Vitalie Sprinceana is a Moldovan sociologist, philosopher, activist and journalist, and a member of Oberliht Association in Chisinau, Moldova (, one of the hubs in the European Cultural Foundation’s networked programme – Connected Action for the Commons.