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Open Air Cinema: the City as place for imagination, May-June 2016, Chisinau

“A city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time”, the Patrick Geddes British sociologist and intellectual father of Lewis Mumford stated at the advent of the 20th century. Today still we can find the city to be much more than a material collection constructions amidst the flow of traffic, people and finance. The city is in many aspects a place of interaction, imagination, dreams, hopes and fears – of the unspoken, unrealizable and unattainable. The three movies that will be screened on May 31st, June 14th and June 28th deal each have their own way of presenting the topic of the the “city as place for imagination”. Space Metropolitz is about a housing collective living in an alternative universe that decides to build a rocket to travel to the moon. Trains of Thoughts is a video-essay that explores the inner world of metro’s around the world. In Czech Dream we meet two students from the Film Academy who run the adverting campaign for a fictive shopping mall with slogans such as “don’t come!”.

Flat Space
May 31 / June 14 / June 28, 2016, 9 pm
Chisinau, Bucuresti str. 68/1


Fabrizio Boni and Giorgio de Finis / Italy / 2013 / 100’ ( with English subtitles) 

May 31, 2016, 9 pm

Metropoliz is a former pork meat factory in a Roman suburb, in a far away galaxy called “Tor Sapienza”. One day a group decided to break the padlock of a rusted gate, and to make that place feel like home to them. But the new inhabitants are forced to struggle for their rights, because people on the Earth did not quite understand them. Tired of being under siege, one day they decide to escape from the centrifugal force shoving them aside from civil society, preventing them from home, work, health and rights. Their project is simple: building a rocket which would fly them to the Moon.



Timo Novotny / Germany / 2012 / 85’(with English subtitles)

June 14, 2016, 9 pm

An audio-visual essay, which reflects upon and compares metro systems around the world. It is an exploration of a world inside the world as well as feelings, fascination, obsession, fear and themes – of survival, control and silence.



Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda / Czech / 2004 / 90’ (with English subtitles)

June 28, 2016, 9 pm 

”Czech Dream” documents the largest consumer hoax the Czech Republic has ever seen. Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak, two of Eastern Europe’s most promising young documentary filmmakers, set out to explore the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for something that didn’t exist. For two weeks, the streets of Prague were saturated with advertising for the fake hypermarket. The ads proclaimed: Don’t Go, Don’t Rush, Don’t Spend drawing over 4,000 people to turn up on the ‘opening day’. On the 31 May 2003, they arrived at a green field where, instead of a hypermarket, they found just the dream hypermarket’s façade.



free ‘entrance’ to all screenings

This film selection is organized as part of Chisinau Civic Center – open air cinema program:, and is supported by the European Cultural Foundation in the frame of the Connected Action for the Commons project. Additionally the program is supported by Czech Cultural Center in Bucharest.

Vitalie Sprinceana is a Moldovan sociologist, philosopher, activist and journalist, and a member of Oberliht Association in Chisinau, Moldova (, one of the hubs in the European Cultural Foundation’s networked programme – Connected Action for the Commons.