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Open City – towards the intercultural community center. A conference in Zagreb

The conference is a part of the programme of the platform Operacija grad: Upgrade. Through advocacy activities and public events the platform is aiming to open the Intercultural Community Center in Zagreb. The platform is coordinated by Alliance Operation City and currently consists of wide range of organisations from a broad social spectrum, among others Center for Peace Studies, Green Network of Activistic Groups, social cooperative Taste of Home and more.

Rethinking innovations in culture, and readiness to operate within a wider socio-political context has directed the participants of independent culture to reflect on and advocate the model of the socio-cultural center. The purpose of these centers is to respond to the transdisciplinary and trans-sector culture needs, the organization of civil society, other fields of social action and the local community. In this sense, socio-cultural centers are, or may become, important places for citizens coming together and the active involvement of local communities in a variety of activities of civil society organizations and beyond.

The conference will critically examine the needs and problems of today’s cities, and how socio-cultural centers can contribute to reducing poverty, social exclusion and pollution, and how they encourage integration. We see integration as a two-way process involving new and old members of society existing in the same place at the same time. We will look at this contemporary phenomenon from a critical perspective and examples of good practices on the level of various experiences of EU countries, and thereby create specific suggestions, models and solutions.

October 13th – October 15th

More info:
See the website of the organization.

Friso Wiersum works at ECF as project officer communications. He also is a member of urban do tank Expodium. He regularly publishes on art, public space and music.