Demonstration for independent courts in Warsaw, Poland. Photo courtesy of Jakub Szafrański

From civil society to political society

It was clear that we could not avoid talking politics anymore. A conversation about changes in Europe is no longer one in which the words ‘politics’ and ‘citizens’ cannot be used in the same sentence. Political society is making its entry on stage.

Connected Action – A collaborative statement by the hubs

After three years closely working together with the ECF, Culture 2 Commons – Alliance Operation City, Clubture Network, Right to the City – (Croatia), Les Tetes de l’Art (France), Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), Oberliht (Moldova), Platoniq – Goteo (Spain), and Subtopia (Sweden) reflect on the development of the network. This collective statement is dedicated to our collaborative processes, achievements and the work we will build on.

Mobilizing for the Commons

From 4 to 6 November 2016,  ‘Mobilizing for the Commons’ – the 27th European Meeting of Cultural Journals took place in Gdańsk. Connected Action for the Commons was there and brought some friends.