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Subtopia publishes Klumpology: How a Cultural Incubator Works

"KLUMPOLOGI - How a Culture Incubator Works" is an inspirational book about KLUMP Subtopia. In it you will find some practical guidelines, interviews with participants, a description of our method and a conversation about culture and entrepreneurship.

KLUMP Subtopia, our incubator for culture and creative business and social entrepreneurship, is in it’s fifth year. Many ideas has been developed and transformed into business that stand on their own during these years. Also the incubator in it’s self has developed. We have sharpened our method and learnt more about the needs that a new business within the cultural sector has. Although this development of our incubator is a forever ongoing undertaking, we feel we have come to some conclusions that are worth sharing. That is why we have written this book where we give an account of our thoughts and actions in creating KLUMP Subtopia. It is an inspirational book with some practical guidelines.

Download the book here


I work as a Project Coordinator for Subtopia within ECF’s Connected Action for the Commons programme. I started out in the advertising world (which I hated) and soon checked out and ran away with the circus, literally, working as a tour manager for Swedish contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör. The last few years I have been working as a Communication Director for Subtopia. When I’m not working with Subtopia, I am pre-occupied with other frameworking and content producing organisations spanning small theatre companies in the rural south of Sweden to European networks. I provide strategic support and organise events for, among others, Halmstad International Street Theatre Festival (Halmstad, SE), Trans Europe Halles (Lund, SE). I represent performing arts on the regional Creative Board of Skåne and spend most of my time in the (objectively) most beautiful place on earth (Swedish south coast).