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This is Alby: a documentary

The festival This Is Alby, now on it’s third iteration, has from the very beginning been created in defiance of a singular metropolitan (Stockholm) identity and narrative. This one-fits-all identity was manifested in the festival We Are Stockholm and its predecessors Ung 08.

Reacting to this centralised identity in combination with a adults-make-cool-things-for-the-kids programming and governance model the initiators in Alby wanted to do two things:

Establish a festival with an alternative narrative based in the identity of Alby-youth.

A festival created by youth, informally facilitated by older and more experienced peers. The full curatorial responsibility was with the engaged youth – safeguarding that the narrative was aligned with the identity of the place.

The project, carried by Fanzingo and led by two local project managers, was co-produced with the Municipality of Botkyrka (Culture department). The first and second iteration of the festival was produced at Subtopia, the third iteration moved into central Alby. Subtopia, through the Connected action for the commons-programme, financed the production of this mini documentary.

I work as a Project Coordinator for Subtopia within ECF’s Connected Action for the Commons programme. I started out in the advertising world (which I hated) and soon checked out and ran away with the circus, literally, working as a tour manager for Swedish contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör. The last few years I have been working as a Communication Director for Subtopia. When I’m not working with Subtopia, I am pre-occupied with other frameworking and content producing organisations spanning small theatre companies in the rural south of Sweden to European networks. I provide strategic support and organise events for, among others, Halmstad International Street Theatre Festival (Halmstad, SE), Trans Europe Halles (Lund, SE). I represent performing arts on the regional Creative Board of Skåne and spend most of my time in the (objectively) most beautiful place on earth (Swedish south coast).

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