Matija Mrakovčić

Matija Mrakovčić (b. 1984) is a journalist and editor at a non-profit web portal and works on some programmes of its publisher - association Kurziv - connected with informal education and documentation and historization of Croatian independent cultural scene. She writes about regional independent cultural scene, civil society organisations, media, contemporary culture, education policies, and collaborates with organisations and initiatives in Croatia, region and Europe.

The current state of socio-cultural centers in Croatia

The history of the development of the independent cultural scene in Croatia in the last twenty-five years has been closely linked to the struggle for premises for work space and representation of cultural organizations, initiatives, collectives and individuals’ programmes. In this article Matija Mrakovčić critically looks at the development of co-governance policies to maintain these centers.

Channelling anger and depoliticizing happiness

On June 1 2016 protests all over Croatia gathered more than 50 000 citizens in support of the curricular reform. Our Croatian correspondent Matija Mrakovčić gives a historic account and an analysis of the current situation in Croatia, highlighting the role of civil society organisations such as Pravo na Grad & Clubture (part of our hub Culture 2 Commons)