Ovidiu Tichindeleanu

Ovidiu Tichindeleanu [1976] is a philosopher and culture theorist living in Chişinău and Cluj, writing on critical social theory, decolonial thought, alternative epistemologies, and the cultural history of postcommunism. He studied philosophy in Cluj, Strasbourg and Binghamton, New York and obtained a PhD in philosophy (Binghamton University) with a thesis on monolinguism, modern media and the archeology of knowledge at 1900. He publishes widely and is the author of various books.

Pages from the struggle for urban commons in Chişinău

The author describes the character of the work of the independent cultural scenes in Moldova, which opens spaces operating beyond the public-private divide, having thus to develop both the content (such as artistic projects or public debates) and the structural conditions or, simpler put, the working places where this kind of work is possible at all. He puts the Molodovan examples in international perspective.