People of Europe, rise up for Ukraine!


[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear colleagues,

I decided to address to you concerning the present situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine is burning! Tens and tens of people are killed by the police and criminals, thousands are wounded, the Ukrainian authorities are kidnapping and torturing activists.The state of exception is introduced de facto in Ukraine, Kyiv is blocked by the police, which is shooting people with real guns and real bullets.

The people of Ukraine on all squares, on all Maidans need your help! Now abroad only the Ukrainians are protesting against the criminal politics of the Ukrainian authorities.

We need your solidarity! We need all-European protest campaign, the huge wave of demonstations in all the Western countries to force the EU officials and the governments of your countries to influence the Ukrainian authorities not only in rhethorical, but in Realpolitik way.

The future of democracy in Europe depends on Ukraine. Lots of Ukrainians paid for it with their lives.

Please help!

People of Europe, rise up for Ukraine!

P.S. Please spread this appeal as much as possible.


Photo by Ivan Bandura, cc,


Vasyl Cherepanyn
Vasyl Cherepanyn is Head of the Visual Culture Research Center (VCRC), an institutional organizer of the Kyiv Biennial, and the editor in chief of Ukrainian Political Critique magazine.