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PoliticalCritique.org relaunches


Welcome to the new version of PoliticalCritique.org, a hub for critical commentary, reporting, and cultural exchange between the countries of the Visegrad group and Ukraine. Our mission is to provide an English-language platform for promoting a progressive agenda within a region that has much in common, but is often divided by linguistic barriers. We will be bringing commentaries, interviews, reports, events, photostories and more from Krytyka Polityczna in Poland, A2 in Czech Republic, the Human Rights Institute in Slovakia, and Kettős Mérce in Hungary, as well as Krytyka Polityczna’s Ukrainian edition.

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In the past year, Central Europe has re-emerged as a distinct region in light of a number of ongoing European crises. A critique of the responses to these crises has been central to our partners’ activities in their respective countries, but we recognize the need for a wider, transnational conversation. What is happening in Central Europe – the dismantling of democratic institutions, rising xenophobia and racism, the decreasing independence of the media, oligarchization – needs to be understood as part of a wider dynamic. Political Critique will be at the forefront of efforts to analyse developments across the region and in neighbouring countries, provide a venue for conversation and exchange, and give local left-wing voices the opportunity to be heard by a wider audience.

To inaugurate the new edition, we will be bringing an editorial from each Visegrad country over the next days that will map the current state of affairs and outline the most pressing questions the Left within the region faces. But keep coming back, as the next weeks and months will be full of sharp commentaries, intelligent interviews, critical long reads, and much more.


Veronika Pehe
is a historian and contributing editor at A2larm.cz.