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PHOTO STORY: Jacek Kuroń Festival


The main idea of the festival was to present critical diagnoses of Polish socio-economical conditions and possible solutions to problems – in the light of the values and themes, which Jacek Kuron dealt with his entire conscious life, especially in areas such as work, education, culture, neighborhood, community and the shape of our coexistence with other people.

True democracy


Organising self-help

Numbers of Jacek Kuron’s articles and essays, speeches, and, above all, his political commitment are in fact an inspiration to act now and, in the name of the values espoused by him, to approach today’s divisions, conflicts and social issues. The aim of debates with prominent social thinkers and intellectuals is to show the audience a broader – including global – context of the rising issues.

Various forms of activities – including outdoor shows and illustrated publications – gave the opportunity to present the “message of Jacek Kuroń” as widely as possible (not just “a sentimental memory” for his friends and related circles).

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