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Podcast: Brexit and the economy – project fear or project fact?

Listen to the episode "Brexit and the economy – project fear or project fact?" of the Another Europe podcast with Alfie Stirling from the New Economics Foundation.

Remember project fear? It was Cameron and Osborne’s scare campaign. The economic collapse that never came. We on the left never bought this narrative. Ours was a positive vision for Europe. But as the possibility of a ‘no deal Brexit’ has come into view, project fear might be looking a little like project fact. What are the actual economic implications of Brexit anyway? And what do they mean for British workers? We talk to Alfie Stirling from the New Economics Foundation to find out. In part two we turn to practicalities and get the lowdown on how the Another Europe campaign is going.

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Another Europe is Possible was established to campaign for a radical ‘in’ vote in the EU referendum on 23rd June 2016. Activists involved in the work with Another Europe is Possible are coming from across the spectrum of the progressive left, working across party political lines to campaign for democracy, human rights, and social justice.


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