Taking it to the streets. Mobile harm reduction services in Warsaw

Their service reaches the most disadvantaged group among people who use drugs. These people are experiencing homelessness, health problems, social problems. Meet the team who runs mobile harm reduction services in Warsaw.

We talked with FES (the Social Education Foundation) and Prekursor (), who has been implementing a project of mobile testing for HIV, HCV, and syphilis on the streets of Warsaw since August 2017. This kind of testing has become widespread in other EU countries and all major cities now have such mobile services, so they were keen to have it in Poland as well, to include it as part of a broader coalition for HIV and AIDS prevention measures. Their offer targets specific users because they decided to start with a group that seems to need such service most, i.e. people who use drugs. Hence the camper, which, so far, has been doing rounds in Warsaw three times a week. They hope that next year they will be on the streets every day.


Dominika Wróblewska
She worked as an art curator at Dom Pracy Twórczej in Wigry, Poland. In the Warsaw cultural centre Brave New World, she worked as a marketing specialist. She has been a member of the Krytyka Polityczna team since 2011, where she is a producer of video materials and responsible for the film crew at demonstrations. Her biggest dream is to put patriarchy to death.