Talk Real Voices: Gerardo Pisarello and Daphne Büllesbach

"We have a sort of network with rebel cities in Spain. Now the challenge is to open it to other European cities, and even to Africa and America, because it needs to be more than European, it needs to be international."

In 2016 Daphne Büllesbach spoke with Gerardo Pisarello, Barcelona deputy Mayor, about the experience of social movements taking power in Barcelona and about the possibility of a European network of cities for change. One year after that conversation, Barcelona en Comú is organising the Fearless Cities Summit, a moment in Barcelona that will help municipalist movements from all across Europe to build global networks of solidarity and hope in the face of hate, walls and borders. The rally will bring together mayors and councillors to share their vision of what it means to be a “fearless city”, from resisting state authoritarianism and combatting the far right to fighting speculation and guaranteeing the right to the city.

Fearless Cities is happening in Barcelona from the 9th to 11th June.
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