Protests in Berlin against Police violence in São Paulo

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear berliners and expats friends: on 13 June the people from Sao Paulo, Rio and in some other big cities in Brazil took the streets to protest against what, like Turkey, was about something apparently trivial at the beginning – the raise of public transport costs – but it ended up being a protest against a country that is increasingly keeping people from living their lives properly with abusive legal initiatives that humiliate homosexuals, women, and other minorities, lots of traffic and bad transport, lots of violence from criminals and police and corruption.

Brazilians were massacred by the police with tear gas, rubber bullets and cavalry. It was a quite pacific protest.

The government says no one was harmed during the protests and the main media groups show people as the villains and vandals and the cops as heroes, even though nearly ten journalists got badly hurt and arrested.

A lot of tumblrs and blogs show pictures and stories of people who got hurt there. Some are friends or friends of friends. There are also tons of videos showing police’s violence against clearly peaceful protesters and police destroying their own cars to tell the press it was the protesters who did it.

We, brazilians who live abroad can´t keep quiet in front of all this truculence that is happening not only in Brazil, but also in Turkey and a lot of other countries these hard days.

Democracy is no longer visible for us, we are losing our rights, being massacred by Government and powerful people. Even pacific protests are taken as a crime now in Brazil, with violence to innocent people.

Therefore, we are going to streets, to make loud our support to these people, who have the dream of a better place to offer to their kids.
You are all invited to join us. Let´s give peace a chance!”

From facebook.

Juliana Rebelo Doraciotto organized the March in support of brazilian demonstrators in São Paulo and big cities of Brazil. Against police violence in Brazil.


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