Dawid Krawczyk

Dawid Krawczyk

He conducts interviews and writes feature stories and reviews. Graduated with a degree in Philosophy and English Philology from the University of Wroclaw. He has been with Krytyka Polityczna since 2011 and is the managing editor of Political Critique magazine and its drug policy section. His articles have been published in Polish, English, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, and Italian.

Death for Possession

The politicians were right: marijuana kills. Especially when swallowed wrapped up in a plastic bag, while fleeing the police. Translated by Mikołaj Denderski.

Activists Are Trying To Topple The European Wall

Topple The European Wall

Berlin: Celebrations of The Fall of The Berlin Wall Are In Progress. Bulgarian‒Turkish Border: A Hundred of Activists Are Trying To Topple The European Wall.
By Dawid Krawczyk. Translated by Konrad Zwoliński.