Political Critique at 9th edition of BeFem festival in Belgrade

The 9th edition of BeFem “Feminist Fighter” will be held in Belgrade in the first weekend of December.

“In our practical work we do not stick to the pre-existing patterns, or defined and given forms of political resistances, but praise the ideas of freedom, peace and equality, which we strongly stand for in our daily struggles. In the context of global shrinking of space for civil society activities, and seriously jeopardized freedom and independence of media, rights of marginalized groups are the first to get under attack. Therefore, at this year`s BeFem, we gather all the courageous human right defenders who oppose “Orbanization and Erdoganization” of the society, growing influence of extreme right-wing organizations, nationalism and class divisions. It is clear that this alliance of conservative tendencies is crowned with patriarchal values that cause systematic violence and discrimination against women,” say the organisers of BeFem.

The two day programme will discuss human rights defenders from the post-Yugoslav region, sexual harassment and violence, the regression of the legal framework of social protection directly connected with the discrimination and deterioration of the position of women.

Hana Grgić will speak on behalf of Political Critique on the panel #MEtoo, Did You Publicize the Perpetrator of Violence on how the global movement against sexual harassment manifests itself in the post-Yugoslav states. Earlier this year on Political Critique we were writing about #ISpeakUpNow campaign in Macedonia and in October we travelled to Skopje for the Talk Real episode where we spoke with four women, all of them active in Macedonian society, to discuss the #ISpeakUpNow campaign and what it means to be a woman in Macedonia today.

In this panel discussion, the talk will be about the reach of social movements and campaigns combating violence against women, and the results such an initiative could achieve in Serbia and the region. The Talk Real episode “Women’s voices in Macedonia” will be presented during the panel. 

BeFem will be a place of celebration, but also the space for presenting artists, performers, women’s bands and female DJs.

The full programme is available here.


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