Transeuropa Caravans 2019: The roads to European democracy

Ahead of the EU Parliament Elections, European Alternatives, Krytyka Polityczna and partners will hit the road to European democracy.

European Alternatives, Krytyka Polityczna and partners are looking for motivated people to join the team of the Transeuropa Caravans that together will be reaching 15 European countries in Spring and Autumn 2019. Each Caravan will be composed of a group of skilful people: Coordinator, Logistics officer, Communication officer, and Facilitator/performer who will be recruited with this call.

Why Transeuropa Caravans?

With “TRANSEUROPA CARAVANS: The roads to democracy” European Alternatives, Krytyka Polityczna and partners are aiming to inspire EU and non-EU citizens throughout Europe to become more active in the democratic life of their place of residence “ahead of the EU Parliament Elections, we believe that together with activists, engaged citizens and local authors should connect and give visibility to our common struggles and solutions”.

The idea of the Caravans is based on the concept of mobility, on hitting the road and settling down deeply in a new place, even if temporarily. Within the Caravans a group of activists will be travelling throughout fifteen European countries on board of five cars or caravans reaching out to European citizens at their sites of struggle, resistance and mobilization, meeting directly where they live, promoting citizens’ rights (eg. electoral), stimulating social engagement, and creating the new narratives of underrepresented citizens, such as EU mobile citizens, young people, women, minority groups. etc.

The aim of taking up this travel is to throw the light on initiatives from below that contribute to advancing fundamental rights in Europe (migrants, environmental, …), organise events in collaboration with them, and to highlight challenges and good practices in the field of EU mobile citizens political rights.

What are the Transeuropa Caravans?

Five Caravans will be on the routes agreed by the teams, local hosts and the EA’s Project Manager. Each of them will be composed of 4-5 core team members who will travel through 3 countries during a period of 10-12 days. Each Caravan will have stops in a minimum of 15 locations on their way, small or big cities. Travelling with the caravans is a symbolic term – based on practical aspects, such as the availability of team members to drive caravans long distances, these vehicles may be replaced with cars.

Routes of the Caravans

In May 2019 (Spring routes):
1. Central Eastern route: Germany, Austria, Hungary
2. Western route: France, Spain, Portugal
3. Visegrad route: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia (team of this Caravan will be selected separately)
4. Baltic route: Sweden, Finland and Estonia

In October/November 2019 (Autumn route):

5. Mediterranean route: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia

The routes will be given a thematic scope worked out together by the Caravans’ team during the face-to-face trainings in March and April. The exact routes including the schedule of stops of each Caravan’s route will be confirmed by matching participants’ and local hosts’ availability but they should preferably start around May 1, and end around May 22.

Check out the project activities, the requested skills and mindset, and apply here to join the team! Deadline for applications: Sunday, February 24.

The detailed call and the requirements can be found here.


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