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Leader of Czech anti-Islam movement arrested for staging ISIS invasion of Prague

Martin Konvička caused a panic on Prague's Old Town Square on Sunday

Martin Konvička, an entomologist known for his radical anti-Muslim opinions, staged a happening on Prague’s Old Town Square on Sunday 21 August entitled Invaders occupy Prague! Konvička arrived at the gathering on a camel, followed by a military vehicle with masked men waving a black flag reminiscent of the ISIL banner. Konvička played the role of an imam, while another participant was dressed in an orange outfit similar to the one Islamic radicals wear when beheading prisoners. The performance was accompanied by shots from dummy guns.

Terrified passers-by began to run and attempted to hide from the shots, some loudly expressed their disagreement. The happening featured a theatrical destruction of textbooks and a staged flogging of a woman holding a sign saying “Refugees welcome”. “Another woman was stoned with foam balls, which the organizers handed out also to children. One of the actors even picked up a large paving stone and pretended to throw it at her, but Konvička stopped him with the words that she would suffer too little and that he has to use smaller stones,” a witness of the event told Alarm.

At the request of the city council, the police ended the gathering and arrested the participants of the performance, including Konvička, on the grounds of creating a false alarm. Konvička was later released.

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Photos by Petr Zewlakk Vrabec


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  1. Věry pitty that clown makes Czech reputation. Most of Czech people feels ashamed because of idiotic exploitations. But his activist career is coming to an end. Hopefully.