Poland for Beginners: Aaaa We Buy Compensation Claim

How to become an owner of inhabited building, schoolyard, public park or city square?

Not from Poland? Interested in society, politics or culture, but having a hard time following discussions in Polish?

Krytyka Polityczna invites you to lectures in English that cover contemporary issues relating to Poland and the international sphere.

Come, Listen, Discuss!

Aaaa We Buy Compensation Claim 

May, 11th, Thursday, 18.00

Warsaw’s reprivatisation scandal revealed a long list of irregularities and corruption in restitution of nationalized properties. Numerous organizations and activists have alarmed about the process for a significant period of time defending the rights of abused inhabitants of “privatized” houses.

Is the reprivatisation yet another symptom of the transition to a capitalist economy? Who in today’s Warsaw has the right to the city?

Meet with Jan Śpiewak, city activist, Councillor at Srodmiecie District Council.

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