In Madrid with a street vendor, the police and a 'blanket of freedom'

Every day hundreds of immigrant street vendors struggle on in Spain. But what is the future of street selling in the country? And what does solidarity among these so called 'manteros' look like?



The backup plan: Poles prepare for post-coal life despite government

The European Union has made efforts in the last decade to adopt ambitious climate and energy policies, but at every turn, Poland has positioned itself as the ‘bad boy’ of the bloc by repeatedly resisting agreements.



I just know that I’m a good candidate – they got nothing on me

Dawid Krawczyk flew to the places where 80% of people voted Trump. I wanted to meet those involved in his presidential campaign in the Deep South. Is Trump’s United States really the country of their dreams? In the fourth chapter John Salvesen tells how he was inspired by Trump to become a politician.


Thousands of feminists marched in Rome this weekend, calling for an end to gender based violence

Estimates suggest that over 150,000 gathered in Rome on the 25-26 November to mark the International Day for the Elimination …


European Union

City Plaza, the best hotel in the world

A year has passed since activists occupied a decaying hotel in Athens, accommodating 400 migrants. In the fourth part of ‘Stories from the Babel Archipelago’ Michal Pavlásek looks at this alternative model of integration.

Meet the Trump supporters from the Deep South: How I didn’t shoot Kim Jong-un

Our reporter, Dawid Krawczyk, flew to the southern American state of Georgia to better understand the people who pushed Trump to the presidency. Who are these people? How do they imagine their future? Is Trump’s America the country of their dreams? And most importantly, what caused pious southerners to vote for a bombastic Northerner?

Network 4 Debate

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