At Political critique we believe in building a new media based on close relationship with NGOs, civil society organisations and universities. Since the beginning our content has been sourced from, with and in dialogue with such organisations from across Europe. This autumn we are expanding the work we do to help amplify and connect these groups further.

How can we help you?

Professional media coverage of your events

The network of Political Critique’s authors consists of professional journalists from all around Europe who specialize in wide range of topics: politics, international affairs, and migration, just to name a few. They also do work in the fields rarely covered by other media, such as drug policy, municipalism, and intersections of art and activism. Our authors are constantly looking for new stories to cover and topics to write about. Your event could be next.

The visionary conference that is about to happen in Prague

In-depth exploration of the most crucial and topical issues

As an organizer of conferences you are in touch with a number of brilliant artists, intellectuals, and experts. In IRL, due to geographical and other limitations, it is often hard to fully realize the public potential of the ideas in play. We believe that truly important thoughts should be spread beyond hermetic circles of intellectuals. We can aid in this by conducting in-depth interviews with experts you’d like to promote. We offer text coverage and transcription services but also short videos within our established A/V brand, TalkReal.

Bauman: History repeats itself. We are coming back to the small, tribal states. [Interview]

Bridge between event organizers and engaged audience

We see Political Critique as a bridge between the creators of knowledge and those who aim to put this knowledge in practice. All the interviews, op-eds, and stories we publish are instruments that advance progressive social change. We want to popularize your ideas with our journalistic and editorial know-how.

Fighting for citizenship in a post-Brexit Europe

How we do it?

Each of our collaborations is guaranteed dedicated social media distribution among our media network: not just posts, but graphs, graphics and memes too. Krytyka Polityczna and European Alternatives have a combined Facebook audience of more than 100k and a Twitter following of 140k. In addition to this, Political Critique’s network, visible at the bottom of our site, makes the potential reach of any published materials significantly higher.

Each of our projects is organized in close correspondence with institutions. So if you’re interested in collaboration and would like to find out more about Political Critique’s service please contact our editors at: [email protected]